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Type of cable terminal

Type of cable terminal

At present, the connection mode of the cable terminals is basically the following: the bolt connection with copper nose, the open plug connection and the closed plug connection. Copper nose bolt connection is the most common, especially large current connection mode; open connection type connection, small current mode is much more; closed socket connection mode is more applied to the common head connection gold and non gold treatment.

The typical processing methods for the cable terminal are: the copper nose with bolts; the use of a needle type copper nose; a flat (like a busbar) socket type copper nose; a cold pressure mode with a round tube; a connection without the use of a continuous gold tool; a direct connection to the terminal without any treatment. It is obvious that the use of needle type tools is only used in the two circuit of small current, and the cold pressure of the circular tube is rarely used, so the current focus problem is the direct connection to the common head is no treatment of the copper core.

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